Sophie becomes a Young Patron of the Royal Academy of Arts

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that Sophie Ashby, creative director of Studio Ashby, is now a Young Patron of the Royal Academy.

The Royal Academy’s Young Patrons group currently comprised of 45 people who are split between members of the art world (working in galleries, auction houses and beyond) and young, London based professionals. The common denominator is that every member is interested in the arts and appreciates the access that the Royal Academy provides to the institution, to the Royal Academicians and to the Schools students.

Sophie’s strong interest in the arts and keen support of emerging artists and galleries is solidified with this new appointment. With events every week throughout the year, Sophie will be attending a vast programme of exhibitions, studio visits, lectures, talks and dinners, showing her support for the art industry. Sophie recently attended the RA Schools Graduate show and discovered a couple of extremely talented new artists that we are very excited about working with on future projects, Declan Jenkins and Laurence Owen to name a few.

A little about this proud tradition by Charles Saumarez Smith, Secretary and Chief Executive: It was the support of a patron which enabled a small group of artists and architects to found the Royal Academy of Arts nearly 250 years ago. They wanted to create a body which would teach the next generation of artists, hold an annual exhibition open to the public, and highlight the important role of arts in society. They approached George III, who agreed to become their patron if they established a set of rules to guide their conduct. They did as requested, and the RA opened in 1768.

While much has changed over the years, many things have remained constant. The rules drawn up by that small group still guide the running of the organisation. The Summer Exhibition has been held every year since 1769, and a major programme of exhibitions added around it. The RA Schools has become one of the leading centres of artistic excellence in the world, nurturing and educating promising young artists.

Photo above shows Sophie and Charlie Casely-Hayford attending the Summer Exhibition Preview.


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