Press: Sophie Interviewed in Home & Gardens

Words by: Rachel Leedham


What is your starting point when designing a bedroom?

We usually begin with the headboard fabric and build the scheme out from there. This proceeds in one of two ways: we start to go to town with cushions, artwork and a rug or go bold with the headboard fabric and keep everything else more subdued. Generally, there is a balance of loud and quiet in our designs, as ultimately in a bedroom you want that feeling of calm. I don’t particularly like high headboards because you can’t hand any artwork above the bed, and I believe that upholstery should be secondary to art. I do like wide headboards, though, as they allow the electrics to be integrated into the back. When creating a wide panelled headboard, we will often vary the fabric on the wings because it can be a bit much to have such a long stretch of the same design. One of my favourite tricks is to use two tonally similar but texturally different fabrics.


Do you have any tips for creating a calming space?

White bedlinen – I don’t like sleeping in anything else. White is a symbol of luxury so to sleep wrapped in clean, white, high thread-count sheets is as good as it gets. I like Ilinka, for bespoke bedlinen, while The White Company, is a fine high street option.


How important is bedroom lighting?

Good lighting is mood enhancing. The most important thing with all lighting is that it should be dimmable. Generally, I prefer low-level lighting as it’s more ambient, flattering and atmospheric. In a bedroom I would rely on table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights rather than spotlights and I like a combination of vertical up lighting and down lighting. I love using wall lights as bedside lights because they free up valuable table top space and, as they are a bit higher, they direct the light in a much more useful way.


 Are there any new looks that particularly excite you?

There are a couple of colour trends that we are quite into at the moment: peachy, dusky nude pinks and, at the other end of the spectrum, inky midnight blues. We haven’t created a scheme using either palette yet, but we hope to soon.


What would you love to have in your bedroom?

A proper well-lit dressing table with lots of useful storage is something I’ve been dreaming about. To sit on a comfortable stool at a dedicated station where I can do my hair and make-up, with a good mirror and lighting in which I can clearly see myself, would certainly improve my morning routine.

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