PRESS: Sophie Ashby Featured In Elle Decoration SA



What Inspires you?

I would say that art and nature in equal measure, whether I am standing in front of a masterpiece or a mountain range, that awe-inspired feeling is very powerful to me.

What are your favourite décor trends this year?

Daring. After a year like 2016, losing to Brexit and Trump, we will look to beauty, the sublime and the magical for enrichment and inspiration. I think it will almost be about ‘audacity’ – being Bold, making a statement and breaking the rules. A healthy dose of anarchy is what’s called for.

Opulence. Fabrics such as Jacquards silks, satins, velvets, lurex and metallic materials. I think we have seen the back of minimalism and in its place, is decadence, particularly in fabrics/ We will be seeing less of simple, honest linens and much more in the way of patterned, punchy, plush, palatial fabrics.

If you could work with one material, what would it be?

Wood. It’s nature’s most versatile, tactile, malleable and innately beautiful material. It can be stained, sanded-down, polished, painted, oiled, bleached, scorched, bend, moulded – just understanding its many guises can inspire a new idea.

Your Favourite place to look for décor ideas?

I get my inspirations from my life: books that I am reading, exhibitions I’ve been to and the places I travel to. For a lot of projects, I have recently completed, I’ve been inspired by London’s rich artistic and architectural heritage – drawing from the National Gallery’s collection of British figurative artist displayed there. Travel, for me, is always a constant source of inspiration and I’m always picking up objects or finding local suppliers anywhere I go.

Favourite décor read?

The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton, He explores the belief that where we are heavily influences who we can be, it’s a philosophy of how and why our environment influences our happiness.


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