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My Style


Sophie Ashby, designer and director of Studio Ashby, Interior Design & Creative Direction, shares her fashion hacks


Words by Sophie Ashby


It’s Important for my wardrobe to make me feel confident, comfortable and powerful. I have to look smart every day because I’m seeing clients, but I’m also on the move, so I like to be comfy. As I often need my day outfit to work for the evening too, I keep heels and big jewellery in my car, then I can spruce up if necessary


My top shopping secrets are… Firstly, I hardly ever try on clothes in the changing room – I prefer to take them home and do it in the quiet of my bedroom with the rest of my wardrobe, so that I know what they’ll work with. Secondly, I often buy things too big and then have them altered, as I like large shapes and statement silhouettes. Thirdly I purchase lots of menswear, especially coats.


Every woman should own a blazer, a pair of white trainers and flattering jeans.


I always wear quite classic plain pieces, because there is more flexibility and you can create infinite combinations to keep things interesting.


My glam tip is to wear big earrings – they can say so much, depending on your mood, plus they’re usually a good talking point.

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