Press: Robertson Small Hotel Featured in VISI

The Robertson small hotel recently had a facelift. The result is a celebration of local creativity and the landscape, while respecting its Victorian Aesthetic


One October day towards the end of last year a handsome black cat wandered onto the grounds of the newly revamped The Robertson Small Hotel. A glossy little creature with a sleek coat and fluffy tail and arresting green eyes, the young cat was soon dining on foie gras and other treats procured for him at the kitchen door.

The arrival of the cat is something of a metaphor for the experience of staying at The Robertson Small. Owner Abigail Rands says that “travelling freely, taking risks, finding yourself outside often and being open to new experiences” are some of the senses she hopes guests will experience here. And once you have been exposed to any of the 10 beautifully appointed rooms set in abundant gardens it becomes clear that Abigail’s vision has been realised.

Keen to retain the intimate nature of the establishment, Abigail asked her friend Sophie Ashby, an interior designer based in London, to work with local designers in the creation of bespoke items for a brand-new look.

“I wanted to do this project 100% locally,” says Sophie whocollaborated with makers such as Michael Chandler, Alexis Barrell, Docter and Misses, Renée Rossouw, Bonfred Furniture, Kat Pitchulik, and Lisa Firer to add fresh elements to the design. The artworks on display all of which are for sale are from Cape Town gallery Smith Studio.

“The Hotel is light, colourful and whimsical. I didn’t want the décor to intimidate – it’s a place full of art, warmth and soul,” Sophie says.

The black cat, which has never left, clearly concurs.

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