Sophie is one of Elle UK magazine’s, ‘23 Female Entrepreneurs Under 30 Who Are Bossing Life’

Here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve always known that I needed to do something creative and I’ve always been interested in business and property. For me, interior design was the perfect combination of all those passions. 

I started my company in my mid-twenties after studying in London and New York. At 25, you still have so much to learn but I don’t think that ever really changes; there were some aspects that were daunting but I had great support and encouragement and ultimately felt I needed to be the master of my own fate, time and success.

For me, a handful of really strong connections got me to where I am now and in my experience, the strength of those connection is built on real friendships, honesty and mutual respect. It’s important to find a great accountant who is kind and patient, who makes you feel like you’re their only client, who doesn’t look at you like you’re an imbecile if you ask a basic question and who doesn’t charge the earth. They will be invaluable in planning the growth of your business and putting the right foundations in place. 

My advice to anyone starting in the design world would be to just keep reading, researching and looking for things that inspire you and enjoy the search for new and different suppliers and craftsmen. Put the emphasis on quality and longevity over fads and trends.”

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