INTERVIEW: TEN Minutes with Gabriel Hendifar

INTERVIEW: TEN Minutes with Gabriel Hendifar

1.    If you were an artwork what would you be? 

A Louise Nevelson Assemblage.  


2.    Outside of your family who has had the biggest impact on you? 

Obviously Jeremy, but he’s family. I’ve worked for a few really wonderful woman who have taught me what it means to be passionate and creative and feed that into a business. 


3.    Which song on your iPod makes you feel like you can take on the world? 

Nina Simone, I Wish I Knew How It Would Be To Be Free. 


4.    When was the last time your heart skipped a beat?

When I met my niece Tala for the first time. 


5.    If you were to do a TED talk, what would it be about? 

Communicating in a way that is empathetic and effective. 


6.    My alter-ego profession would be…

A Dancer. 


7.    £14.20 left in your bank account, what do you spend it on?

A taxi to my next job interview. 


8.    What is the most treasured object in your own home?

The Cartier bracelet Jeremy gave me for my 32nd birthday. 


9.    Which book or film was a game changer in your way of thinking?

The 1957 A Star is Born with Judy Garland is one that I always come back to. It taught me how to think about design in a way that serves an emotional narrative. 


10. Where’s your favourite place of calm to gather your thoughts?

Our house in Rhinebeck. It’s serene and quiet and where a lot of ideas hatch. 


Born from playful experimentation with vintage lighting components, Apparatus is a New York based design studio. Aged brass, etched glass, leather, marble, and porcelain are combined to create lighting fixtures, furniture, and objects that fuse sculptural form with hand-worn materials.

Gabriel Hendifar is the Creative Director at Apparatus Studio. Gabriel has a background in fashion and interior design. He has designed for couture label Jmary and was most recently part of the Raquel Allegra creative team.