Amongst the trees, inside my dreams by Maarten van den Bos

Acrylic on canvas
90 x 115cm

Amongst the trees, inside my dreams

In a new series of conjunctive paintings, Amongst the trees, Inside my dreams, Maarten van den Bos navigates the interplay between the human anatomy and the botanical world, using an extensive archive of found images he has procured over the last decade. He uses these images as a starting point for his works; the painting process then becomes an act of continuous discovery. Intertwined with stories of seeking solace in nature as a child in Holland, alongside memories of a recent family visit to the warm landscape of Kenya, the works serve as a visual diary. Imbued with impressions of landscapes and encounters with those close to the artist. A hand akin to a flower, a stem reminiscent of an arm, legs hidden amongst foliage and mud. Reflected in the vivid hues – greens, oranges and blues – the gestural marks made across each painting, create a poetic tapestry of organic materialities and forms. Each stroke is a notation, offering a visceral exploration of intimacy, connection, and the passing of time.