Anti-Ageing? Try pickling by Anna Van Der Ploeg

Breakfast at Sister Artist in Residence

Dimensions: 150cm x 135cm

Framed in oak tray frame

Anna van der Ploeg is an interdisciplinary artist from South Africa working 

primarily in wood sculpture, painting and writing. Her artistry is built on a foundation of technical competence and intellectual curiosity. She is compelled by representational imagery for the qualities it shares with literature: an ability to be didactic, to create a fiction in which to probe at the truth. As a reader and writer, she has a sharp interest in language. Writing runs parallel to making, and titles precede or prompt the actual artwork. The feeling of effort, of something beyond cognition, is experienced as a kind of optimism.

I have strong feelings about breakfast. To me, it’s a moment of time that is unto itself, not contingent on other plans or people or the rest of the day. It is reliably entirely your own – I think this part of a poem sums it up nicely:

“as I sit for a while after breakfast
reading a few pages
with a shadowing sense
that I am stealing the moment
from something else
that I ought to be doing
so the pleasure of stealing is part of it”

– W.S.Merwin, Theft of Morning.