In The Golden Grove of Babylon, 2023 by Heath Wae

Heath Wae is a Melbourne born, Mullumbimby based artist whose practice traverses painting, sculpture and installation. Wae creates immersive, poignant works which explore psychological and physiological shifts in the human consciousness through ideas of interconnection, duality and timelessness.

Since 2008, the artist has travelled throughout Asia and the Americas. These often spiritual pilgrimages have connected Wae to a number of cultures through which he has been able to explore a deeper understanding of visual language. This intrinsic connection with the story of the earth and its relationship to the human psyche is informed by work with shamanism, plant medicine, tarot, tea and bonsai.

Heath Wae Rapture; The Warmth of Honey

“Rapture; the Warmth of Honey” conjures visions that flutter between realms of dreams and reality, where the warmth of honey is not merely a sensory delight but a metaphysical voyage. The exhibition

is a ballet of symbolism, a dance of bees in the honeyed air, a symphony of sweetness that resonates with the pulse of the universe.