Lunga Ntila ‘Define Beauty II’

Lunga Ntila ‘Define Beauty II’


Digital Collage, Felix Scholler True Fibre 200gsm


Framed 100 x 100cm

Ntila describes her body of work as the visual act of collecting discarded parts of herself and imagining the various forms that they can take on. In concealing the formation of her features that one may recognise as Ntila, Define Beauty II comes from a body of work, Ukuzilanda. Ukuzilanda not only heals but it protects the sitter from the unwanted gaze, a tactic that speaks to the nervous conditions that South African woman are subject to navigating in the country. It has only been two years since Ntila began working at her craft so her practice remains fluid taking on hybrid forms of photography, styling, and graphic design as she grows.