Nadia Attura ‘Cape Town’

‘Cape Town’ by Nadia Attura is based on a series of personal images of Cape Town shot by Sophie Ashby and is exclusive to Sister.

Nadia layers fragmented scenes to create her charming imagined landscapes. The original photographs disappear from documentary single imagery toward a more painterly poetic interpreted view of the world. Nadia’s works balance between the real and the surreal, transporting us to distant, hazy lands. Vintage, pastel tones and an illustrative approach imbue her works with a dreamlike feel that’s further enhanced by her meticulous collaging together her photography, paintings and her drawings. Often grappling with ideas of idealism and paradise, the images become multifaceted tableaux, combining unexpected objects, settings and colours to construct uncanny depictions of desirable destinations.

Dimensions: Framed 53cm x 53cm

This piece is framed with white wood and plastic front protection.

To frame with a glass front is an additional £100 please email, for this option.


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