Warmth of Hills by Sammi Lynch

“All Things Pass” by Sammi Lynch as part of Sister by Studio Ashby’s Artist in Residence series.

Sammi Lynch was born in 1995 in the North West of England. She is a recent graduate of the Royal Drawing School.

“All Things Pass” emphasises acceptance of change rather than nostalgia for an idealised past. Lynch has also worked to distil these complex landscapes into more simplified forms and colours. Through this process of abstraction, the viewer is invited to find their own narratives and connections in the landscapes depicted. The forms and colours activate with specific aspects of the view- er’s biography, calling forth memories and experiences, the same movement which animates Lynch’s own process of creation.

We love her work not just for the emotional depth it evokes on viewing, but due to the vibrant palette and richness of colour. Each piece is a reminder of the beauty around us: from the British countryside as the sky turns to dusk, to those first days of autumn where the world suddenly turns brown and gold.

Oil on canvas, with a walnut tray frame

Framed dimensions: 109cm x 138cm