Wildflowers, 2023 by Heath Wae

Wildflowers, 2023 by Heath Wae

Raw Pigment, Ochre, Charcoal and Oil on Linen
160 x 180 cm
63 70 7/8 in
162.6 x 182.6cm Framed
64 x71 7/8 in

Rapture; the Warmth of Honey”

Heath Wae’s “Rapture; the Warmth of Honey” conjures visions that flutter between realms of dreams and reality, where the warmth of honey is not merely a sensory delight but a metaphysical voyage. The exhibition is a ballet of symbolism, a dance of bees in the honeyed air, a symphony of sweetness that resonates with the pulse of the universe. Each work connects together in poetic musing, creating mythic prose in varying arrangements. Drawing inspiration for the earth itself, Wae works directly with pigments hand-sourced from alpine peaks to desert caves, weaving into each work a story of the lands itself, a story that spills and blossoms into myth.