Sister by Studio Ashby are proud to announce the launch of The Jocasta Collection manufactured by Yarn Collective – Sophie Ashby’s debut fabric capsule – a line-up of worldly fabrics inspired by crafts, flowers, foliage and ancient traditions from across the globe.

The Jocasta Collection pays homage to writer and journalist Jocasta Innes and her former home in Spitalfields, a glorious Georgian-era house that Sister and Studio Ashby founder Sophie Ashby shared with her family and where the collection was first conceived. Known for her dedication to reclaiming past treasures and trinkets, the collection pays tribute to Jocaastas creative legacy and spirit: a love letter of sorts to the woman who helped inspire its beginnings.


The Disa fabric was inspired by the hardy beauty of the orchids found growing on Table Mountain in South Africa. A unique textural fabric design crafted from natural viscose, and intricately woven in jacquard looms with high density yarns. After it is translated into weave, each fabric roll can take up to one day to produce; in order to achieve the desired effect. A versatile fabric that lends itself to accent chairs, small upholstery items like benches and stools, weighty curtains or the perfect statement cushion. The Disa fabric is available in Verdigris (an olive-green base with earthy tones contrasted by cherry red petals and cobalt patchwork) and Lapis (a fading lapis base with orange and fern coloured Disa petals blend for a lush and understated finish).


The name Afua was inspired by Sophie’s husband’s (fashion designer Charlie Casely-Hayford) Ghanaian family heritage and legacy. The pattern references typical Kente cloth motifs and structure, reimagined in a different scale, palette and pattern. The Afua fabric is available in Turmeric (bold and characterful patterns in gold and navy sit on a dusty white background), Walnut (where amber stars are striped in teal over an oatmeal backdrop, complete with white and black block patterns), Taupe (a balanced neutral woven with cream), and Olive (where dusty blue block work stands prominently against olive green stripes).


Kilims are a staple at Sister for their hard-wearing, earthy charm. The Patch range builds out on firm favourites with new energetic, striped colouring, woven by hand with the same craft of centuries gone by. The Patch fabric is available in Cerulean (Cerulean sky blue broken by solid stripes of gold and ochre contrasted with a flecked mahogany), Madder (where a playful and punchy pastel pink and blue complement the maroon and darker tones), Vermillion (structured to retain focus on the dye, embracing striking reds and yellows that coalesce with muted mahogany tones), and Umber (an earthy neutral).

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