Peter Pan House

Peter Pan House

Photographer: Brotherton Lock

The kitchen/dining area of the studio ashby designed Peter Pan home. The chairs are burgundy and green and the table is a contemporary vintage rectangular wood table. The walls of the kitchen are painted cream and the radiator is painted grey.
The outside of the Studio Ashby designed, south kensington, london home once belonging to the author of Peter Pan. Manicured gardens lay before an Edwardian home.
The entryway of an Edwardian six bedroom home designed by luxury interior dsigner studio ashby in south kensignton. The walls are half seafoam green and half red printed wallpaper. The front door is painted yellow.
A game room and dining room with yellow painted walls with panelling and a luxury bespoke pool table.
A living room with two velvet sofas, one of the velvet sofas is cherry red and the other is seafoam grey. The sofas have colourful cushions on them and a patchwork colourful ottoman in between. The walls of the room are seafoam green and there is a fireplace. It is all brought together by a vintage red rug.
A chic small bedroom with pale yellow wallpaper, a black-rimmed mirror and a fireplace painted matte black. There is a gold lamp in the corner and a rattan armchair.
a large edwardian house in london's south kensington painted in dark green with an extension. The house once belonged to the author of Peter Pan and is redesigned by luxury interior designer studio ashby
A small room with a fireplace and a large mirror on top of it. There is also a window seat with a colourful cushion. The chandelier is made of gold leaves and there is a blue glass vase.
Bedroom with bold seafoam green wallpaper and a four-post bed in brass metal. There is an ensuite bathroom and the antique wood bedside tables have modern bedside table lamps sitting on top. There is a light coloured blue and beige vintage rug and a bench at the foot of the bed.
A small cosy vintage wood dining table is perched by a window with three antique dining chairs. There is a vintage chandelier above, the walls are seafoam green and there is a vintage sideboard with a gold-framed photo and a modern lamp.
Two armchairs in a cosy corner of a studio ashby designed home in south kensington. there is a terrazzo coffee table and two vintage armchairs with colourful cushion and ceramics on the wall
a pink wallpaper covered bedroom with a powder blue bed and antique wardrobe. There is a bay window with a small side table and a vintage armchair.
An armchair in a colourful London home by top luxury interior designer studio ashby. The walls are bright yellow and seafoam green with a rattan armchair near a window and a vintage rug.