Welcome to Sister by Studio Ashby, our collection of future heirlooms, bespoke furniture, art, and accessories created and curated by Studio Ashby and its founder Sophie Ashby.

Located in The Blewcoat School in St James’s Park, we’re here
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.


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Sister by Studio Ashby are proud to announce the launch of The Jocasta Collection – Sophie Ashby’s debut fabric capsule. A line-up of worldly fabrics inspired by crafts, flowers, foliage and ancient traditions from across the globe. Manufactured by Yarn Collective.


Amongst the trees, inside my dreams‘ by Maarten van den Bos

In a new series of conjunctive paintings, Amongst the trees, inside my dreams, Maarten van den Bos navigates the interplay between the human anatomy and the botanical world, using an extensive archive of found images he has procured over the last decade. He uses these images as a starting point for his works; the painting process then becomes an act of continuous discovery.