Welcome to Sister by Studio Ashby, our collection of future heirlooms, bespoke furniture, art, and accessories created and curated by Studio Ashby and its founder Sophie Ashby.

Located in The Blewcoat School in St James’s Park, we’re here
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.


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Sister by Studio Ashby are proud to announce the launch of The Jocasta Collection – Sophie Ashby’s debut fabric capsule. A line-up of worldly fabrics inspired by crafts, flowers, foliage and ancient traditions from across the globe. Manufactured by Yarn Collective.


 “Radiant Days,” by Katy Papineau.

Katy Papineau, born in 1991, is a figurative painter known for her use of colour to express emotion and atmosphere. In her exhibition, she presents a series of paintings capturing her memories of summer. These paintings reflect the ambiguity of memory through dreamy soft-focus and suggestive mark-making. Papineau’s work combines oil paint with pastels, pigment, and wax mediums, resulting in energetic and soulful pieces.